Reef  Nautics Red
Reef  Nautics Red


Reef Nautics Red

Full Face Snorkel Mask

Measure from the middle of your
forehead, just above your brow, to the tip of your chin.

L/XL: >14.7+cm
S/M: <14.7-12cm


Our snorkel mask frames are made of a nylon composite plastic, which makes it high in strength, lightweight, resistant to extreme high and cold temperatures, making them ideal for tropical and cold water snorkeling adventures. 

Explore any underwater paradise with precision and clarity with our 180 degree flat, lightweight poly-carbonate lens.   

Anti Fog
The unique built-in one-way valve system provides a virtually fog free snorkeling experience. *Air comes in the top of the snorkel, in through the top 2 one-way valves and exits out of the single bottom one-way valve. 

Easy Breathe
Breathe through your mouth or nose and never get a mouth full of water with 2 separate seals and a check valve. 

Closed cell silicone ensures that the seal will not become brittle, crack, or absorb water. Reef Nautics incorporates the same silicone that is used in a firefighter's respirator mask.

GoPro / Action Camere Mount
Capture your adventures with the built in camera mount. *Mounting pin and nut supplied. **X/S(Kids Size Masks come with removable mount. ***Camera not included.   


Parts Included:

  • Camera mounting pin & nut
  • Extra O-ring
  • Extra Valve

Lifetime Replacement Warranty

  • Includes manufacturer defects
  • Excludes physical damage